Religion History, Purpose, Hidden Meaning, Problem & Solution

Religion History, Purpose, Hidden Meaning, Problem & Solution

Human race was & are forgetting their super-ability, they are now living like the animals, some even worse than that, they are selling out their own human friend to some stupid aliens race & destroying their home planet Earth. What a sad world !!!

There are many religions around the World for it all man-made, it was original designed to study, practice & apply to life. But in this article I also talk about 5 major religions Jewish, Hindu, Buddhism, Christian, Islam.

In the biginning, God in the Bible said:
1. “You can live forever as long as you only eat living organic fruits & herb”,

2. “Animals are your friend but also your enemy at the same time, you must control the animals population”,

3. “Do not eat animals eggs, animals body/meat you must buried under the soil. If you eat animal products everyday-week you will die for sure”.

Unfortunately, most 99.99% of human are forgot that advice. So God sent his Messengers to Earth World to teach & correct human mistakes “if you want to die & are about to eat animals products, you must do it in the correct way”.

What is the meaning of each religions practice? Why human just do it without understand the purpose & meaning?

A. The Jewish was first born

There are many good practice like do not eat cleaning-animals, Kosher foods, but they fail to do biggest thing which is animal processed.

If you about to kill animals, you must stun/make them sleep first so their spirit and physical body separate.

B. Hindu/Buddhism

This is the most peaceful religion but they are fail to teach do not eating root vegetable so at some physical angle this religion is the worst for the world is overpopulation, human are lazy do not plant any more tree.

The most dumbfuk stupid region on this planet is East & South Asia, They are worship and praying Buddha all over place but never practice and become vegan eater, instead they are eating very thing including toxic-clean environment animals.

Now God see “no good no good, man cannot treat woman like that”.

C. Christian

This religion was born in the “human white-race” area for they are the most adapt & independence race at that moment, due to their ancestor living in cold climate.

But some “bad people” are take advantage of it, they did 2 stupid thing:
– Issue “cross dead symbol”, there are no any so call religion-symbol by God !!!

– Tell Jesus as the Messiah & divide people more.

I do not care what the hex are they trying to archive & purpose but Christ represent good show-the-way people, in this category you can also called all God Messenger like Buddha, Muhammed are Christ.

Jesus “super ability” at that time is no difference than Baba Vanga or any super-gift-childrens many top government knew now !

Do any “Christian book” appear in the World today like other major religion or just a “believe”?

D. Islam

The most smart-dangerous religion is Islam. God sent Muhammed prophet to correct some the mistake of both Jewish & Christian.

– Remove the “cross dead symbol” because it fake symbol.

– Allow to lie but only in “survivor mode”, do not allow to lie to deceive others for any “bad purpose”.

– If you killing animal without separate spirit like that you must use some “code” so the karma do not attach you.

– Not Allowed to eat pig: stop eating like pig then have sex everywhere stupid human, you must take care cleaning-environment animals.
– Allow man have more than 1 wife & woman wearing burka because:

+ At this time man are killing each other for “land gain” so woman are outnumber man.

+ Man now as stupid as the animal, they could not control their sex-action due to over eating meat (too much energy).
– Special Ramadan Festival:

+ Human must care more about nature, there is sun & moon, day & night.

+ If you are about eat dead cooked foods you must eat in night.

+ Fasting no foods or drinks in about 12 hours: Human body are super, you do not need to eat all 24 hours around to survive. The sun also give you energy.


The religions conflict nowadays is just too stupid, all Nations must act now. I recommended first tell citizens about the meaning of each practice, second ban all Religions discussion. Instead only allow talk about Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed messenger & what they teach.

Of course there are many small hidden meaning in religions practice but above are hidden meaning worth to mentioned in my opinion, if you want to know any hidden meaning, feel free to ask.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King