Final Bye, Farewell Message

Final Bye, Farewell Message

This is the final, real farewell time, I am not going to post online & offline any more since all the Governments in both Eastern & Western are just bunch of fake people trying to take over the World. I remind all of you that, there are Gods who are still living on Earth and will ready to destroy all of you within a Earth day.
The Nature Catastrophe is coming, praying, offering cannot save you dumpfuk idiots.

This is my final message to all of you.
I won’t comeback until 2040 (12 years Earth calendar from now), no matter what happen on Earth.

I am not going to help/give advice any Nations both direct & indirect way I promise, for I already gave out too many.

Even then after that, I am not going to give out any sacred knowledge & wisdom of the Grand Universe to any of you, you must work & discover themselves.

The God – Creator of all life is far way, praying cannot help much, only admitting mistakes & fix it can help you evolve.

Everything always has many meaning, thought come first, action come later.

Human must live with spirit, they cannot live like animals any more.

The journey to become a real Gods/Lords is not easy and it is up on each individuals.

Good Luck, Have Fun!


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King



GEELRA – Global Earth Environment Life Recovery Act

GEELRA – Global Earth Environment Life Recovery Act

Base on all the current Earth situation, I already gave out many knowledge & info, use it or not it is up to you, your life is in danger. Check back &

Because you did not show any sign of want to change then I do not trust any of you any more, there for no full details on this subject.

1. Fair Living System (New Money & Moral system) For Everyone.

– Already talked too much about this.

2. Security From Inside & Outside planet Earth.

– Already talked about this.

3. Real Education about Human Body & Nature Earth system.

– Already talked, human must get back with nature. Human inhale O2 exhale CO2 while plants exhale O2 inhale CO2 => That’s basic rule & most people completely forgot about it. You must use common sense real life result not base on man-made “wrong-en-tist”, machine, etc.

4. Environment Cleaning – Air, Water, Land, Plants & Animals.

– Collect & Burn artificial chemicals products & relate.

– Use “cleaning animals” for clean ocean, land, air. There is no any man-made products/technology can out-do nature Earth Gods.

5. Eliminate real world poverty.

– Vegan Foods, Basic Shelter but only give them “materials” only, they must build everything on their own.

6. Activate minimum Human Hidden Super Ability: Telepathy, See & Communicate with Spirit Field/Beings, Fly.

– First you must able to master physical body, then to the stage of communicate with plants & animals => To the point of communicate with human via telepathy => See & Talk with spirit beings => Other advanced abilities.
I am not going to tell any more about future, it is just waste of time. Nobody want to live with lazy stupid corrupt beings. Only the one with strong will power & spirit will remain.



Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

Fair Starting Point For All Individuals & Nations on Evolution Journey

Fair Starting Point For All Individuals & Nations on Evolution Journey

The Evolution Journey at both physical & spiritual level is going to start soon. Both personal & nations will start at the same fair time fair conditions.

The immortal secret for human health already gave out freely public online in indirect way but if you have brain & will power, you will only need less than 360 days to find out (check back at Keyword here is “Defend Mechanism”, “Environment Inside”.

While at spiritual level is always fair and the same.

Let’s have some fun analyse overall current Earth situation:
– The Asia & “third world” countries focus on collective level while the Europe & Western have an edge on individual personal level.

– At highest level, there is no clear advantage when it come to agriculture since the hot high temperature land will product mostly fruits while the cold low temperature will mostly product nuts.

– Even the language, it seem the only real one is traditional Chinese is already placed in freezing mode 60-70 years ago. The traditional Chinese language will become the new International language very soon for it made by human, with clear daily life activity symbols & with Earth planet. All the rest of the World & including China will have to re-sturdy that language again, but this time it must has hidden meaning explain in image so very body can learn easily.

The Latino alphabet 26 characters & many other languages will exist but who are these language creator must explain the hidden meaning.
– Each culture from each Nations/Regions have their both fun & stupid, each Nation & Individuals must study & get the best practise out of them.

– The population, density, environment, air, water, etc conditions is already at “balance toxic level” between all Nations.
I already gave many recommendations before, but here I repeat all Nations must have a “solutions finder programs with high reward”, unless your nation got tips & help directly from “Gods”, but that is rare if not exist.
Have Fun, Best of Luck All!


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Kalki

International Standard of All Kinds Must Reset

International Standard of All Kinds Must Reset

All kind of so called international standard most already has been hjacked after 1950.

From standard sound frequency to standard language, banking, court blabla.

Most of them MUST be removed & rest to harmony state.

They must able to tell why use 432hz instead of toxic 444hz or using traditional Chinese instead of simplified Chinese.

Banking, Court system blabla.

The list is endless, talking now is just waste of time for all of you show no effort to change this planet Earth. As I already said most of you will be transferred to other empty planets soon !

Have Fun!



Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Kalki

Humans Must Live, Do, Create Things with Thought First & Clear Purpose

Humans Must Live, Do, Create Things with Thought First & Clear Purpose

Human race must change their way of living, there cannot be any long “animal style”.

They must live, do, create things with clear purpose. They are living with absolutely no purpose, their life style keep repeating day by day.

Here is some examples:
– Having sex everywhere without any love and/or marriage.

– Chasing for money then just to die, no matter rich or poor.

– Creating stupid technology solution while there is already better nature solution exist, here like heart rate watch/computer, you can just use hand to know if it fast or slow or just by feeling.

– Remove better ancient language with new stupid languages like traditional Chinese, English alphabet spelling in Latino.

– They take minority result then apply in this much bigger scale like all the fake media in both East & West telling you.

– Create many new law without even trying to think it is small issues or big issues like divorce, bankruptcy, must have insurance, wearing protector when driving, etc.
The list is go on and endless, all Nation Governments must change.

The perfect solutions for everything on physical Earth daily life I already gave including immortals secret, how to heal any kind of diseases, fair system, etc.

Use it or not it is up to you, for if I appear in the public mainstream & tell everything then billions jobs will lost overnight !!! That is the power of real authentic Gods, no any kind of robot & technology can remove millions if not billions jobs overnight like that !!!
Human must understand & put priority important issues first, they think & choose the long road. If they use 100% natural material like the Great Wall of China in building, their building would last much longer if not never falls but they chose building if artificial chemical where the building most will last 100 years, then for what?

Do human race even know how to build mountain yet? Of course not, but they keep mining everything, for what reason?

For illusion number & money where they cannot carried when death.


The clock is ticking, the time is shorten, when will human race even wake up?

Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Kalki

Who are the Human Race Parents, What is the Human Biggest Sin?

Who are the Human Race Parents, What is the Human Biggest Sin?

Planet Earth is Human Race’s truly mother at highest level from Earth Creation.

Planet Earth here including the Moon and the Sun. There is no such thing as the Sun outside planet Earth.

Do you know the normal temperature of the Earth environment: 36 C Degree.

Do you know the normal inside human body temperature: 36 C Degree.

How many days per year at perfect: 360 days.

The reason there is 365 days per year like what you see now is because the toxic on the Earth land & sea. There was a time on Earth record not so long ago 364 days a year.

The human body fully comply with all kind of Earth nature chemicals, unlike other low-level aliens on Earth. Because human body made from planet Earth & therefore, for human race, just like many different planets type.

Even though you may say the Creator of planet Earth is the real human creator but it is both true or false, for he/she could be the creator of many other planet.

That is the short & simple truth answer from me.
The longer version: this current human race era has been modified by the first & second era “human race”. More correctly, their DNA & some human ability has been removed & disabled.

It is the punishment & blessing as the same time. This current human era at this moment has the best “training ground” to become Gods of the Universe.

In some picture in Egypt, you may see some half-human-half-animals of all kind.

Most of them made by stupid beings like the “demi-gods”. Some are good but some are bad.

They did not study & fully understand the Earth planet that why instead of mixed with only “friendly animals who can only eat fruits & vegetables”, instead they mixed with other “predators” one.

That is why you see in the India, there is half-human-half-elephant gods people are praying or some other one in “Journey to the West” Chinese movie.


So what is the human biggest sin many scriptures are talking about?

Do not know & even want to know who are their parents, here is the planet Earth. Without planet Earth there is no human race !!!
Not only that, human race also trying to killing her by using all kind of artificial chemical, do not even fully study nature Earth language.

If you apply it in human daily life, is that sin small or big? Is that sin deserve to be death instantly no matter who you are?

Some people suggest that the Messiah is the Earth’s Creator so he is in daily life language is the human farther at some extent view for fun & entertainment.
But I already warning & telling you your mistakes & asks to change. I am not talking about money, GCR blabla, I am talking about a ban on GMOs, artificial chemicals, but all of you refused to act and think it is just funny talk.

Well I already said, your mother Earth is super and can easily destroy all of you like what the Bible said in “Noah time”.

I am trying to save your life but you also say no. I am talking to all Nations both East to West on global Earth, not just only post in few blogs, I already sent to all the embassy of all Nation thousands time, how funny ?!
What the Bible said & warning I remind you again that, if you do nothing to save planet Earth now then in 2021 you will receive sudden death by nature catastrophe, there are many historic story about sudden appear of lakes, volcanic in many human living area on Earth. You cannot trust all kind of technology, time travellers for they are not working.

You must use the common sense instead, I already gave solutions for everything but you still ignore and continue “war game” just like the kids ignore the adult’s warning, but the price of this ignorance is too much to pay.
You won’t be even able to incarnated on Earth again, for everything has order & rule, but this time unlike any other in Earth history, is the evolution time, not only able to reach Gods level on Earth but will reach to Gods level of the Universe.


Will human race this era can wake up, clean their sin & save their life from Nature Catastrophe?
Their sin is too much, only time can tell but there is only 3 Earth years left.

Will they even say hi to their mother Earth, let alone study & communicate with her?
Only they know and have their decision, I do not know, even God of all life do not know.

Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Kalki

How To Spot Fake Spiritual Websites, Teachers On Earth From Gods Level View

How To Spot Fake Spiritual Websites, Teachers On Earth From Gods Level View

This article talking in Earth for mostly normal “Earth human” beings at the highest Earth level (Gods level).

There is no right or wrong on all levels in the grand Universe but there is only one God – Creator of All Life in the grand Universe.

There are many fake spiritual websites/teachers out there, here is the list “signals” of these fake one:
– Selling healing/spiritual oils.

– Have advertisement of any products and/or link to other websites.

– Seeking followers, emails, personal information, donations.

– Censorship contents, especially forums open discussion.

– Talking about some stupid things like “We are all one, serve to others, share everything you have, talk & promoting the aliens/ETs, advanced technology.”

– Pretend to have some kind of connection with GOD by saying about the number matching, “had conversation with angel/archangels, ETs”

– Talking about religions this or that but never can able explain the real hidden meaning behind any practises.

– Need name, birthday in order to tell who are you.

That is basic list plain “errors” of the fake one, the exception is Gods “toying, have fun” with you but that is extremely rare. Here is truly Gods-level not even at demi-gods level !


What about the real authentic one?

– Do not seeking to gain anything, no email, no personal information, no donation.

– Have open discussion non-censorship discussion platform.

If you meet any spiritual teacher/teller in real life: they must be able to see & speak with spirit beings, some high level can communicate with plants, animals. You may pay for small of fees. But you must make sure the spiritual teller is the real one (it is too complicated in this subject), even most of the monks to me still way too low level.
Frankly most of spiritual material already exists on Earth, I recommended you take Buddhism as the core for learning, while the rest like Hindu, Jewish, Islam should only study hidden meaning of practises but very careful when using it.

There is no shortcut way to heaven of Earth, but there is right fast correct road or slow road.
Your evolution journey must up on you, do not blame too much & rely on others.

Have Fun!


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Kalki